Upright Bass

I am a musician that got sick of paying a fortune for pickups that werenít really all that great. I spent a lot of time perfecting my own and want to pass this onto YOU!

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Upright Bass Pickups
Both the Hurley Virtuoso and Solo are piezoelectric transducer pickup systems designed specifically to transmit the natural tones that an upright bass player would want. These units are able to transmit high and low frequencies with everything in between along with a very distinct percussive slap. It includes twowing-slot transducers that work together to transmit warm tones and consistent levels across all of the strings. These pickups have gotten rave reviews from all sorts of players from rockabilly and psychobilly to jazz, bluegrass, and country; but donít take my word for it. The reviews speak for themselves.
Single or Double Shot?
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Slap Pickup $35
The Hurley Slap is a piezoelectric transducer pickup systems designed specifically that percussive slap sound that a slap bass player is always looking for. Though it is not required, it is HIGHLY recommended to be used with my 2-channel preamp for proper mixing with your bridge pickup.
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