Here are a few reviews. To hear more about what people are saying just go to my facebook page or Google "hurley pickup reviews"... there are plenty of them out there.

Suni "Hey I finally had time to mess with my bass in-between tours. Your pickup/preamps sound GREAT.....I'm giving my bass an well needed overhaul before it falls apart completely and I'm gonna use the Hurley setup..."
- Kim Nekroman

First, one week from US to Russia is a kind of magic - you set a new record=) Pervious one was about 2 weeks=)
Second, but most important part - sound of your pickups is amazing! For now, I just istall your preamp and bass pickups and they are the best thing I have ever tested. No annoying feedback, lots of volume and gain. My previous pickup system was **removed brand name** and **removed brand name** pickups - all they have some annoying limitations, but your pickups are absolutely perfect for me. Slap sounds exactly like it should. I mostly play american modern folk music (covers of Dirt Daubers, Devil Makes Three, Larry and his flask and others) and I use bow in two or three songs - and wow, first time in my life bow sounds perfect! I had already decided to take a few lessons of bow technique, because I thought that was something with my hands - but now the sound, that I hear from my home PA system is perfect=)"
- Nikolay Kulikov


"I got thee dual bass pickup installed in my wife's bass. She went to practice with a group she plays with and loves it. We tried it out here on first on my small amp. It sounds just like an acoustic upright bass. No artificial electric sound. Just louder. No feed back problems. And we are not even using a pre-amp and see no need for one with the big amp she uses"
- John Simmons

"After instalation, I pluged in without my preamp(fishman pro), and straight into my markbass LMII (master and gain at noon), standing 3 feet away and facing my cab. First thing I noticed is these pickups did not have the urge to feedback whereas my underwood would be rumbling the plaster off my walls!!!! Second thing was sound. I was a little skepitcal because I wasn't expecting much from a 40$ pickup, but WOW!!!! I was pleasantly suprised. Compared to the underwood, these pickups sound fuller right accross the frequency range, very warm and mellow compared to the underwood which sound much thiner. Boosting the treble on my LMII brought out the snap to my strings, so no clicky required, doing the same thing with the underwood, would just bring out string noise and make it very harsh and unpleasant. Construction is top quality, well built using quality components, nothing seems flimsy or fragile."
- Oh! Henry (DBC)

"I own two of these Hurley Pickups and have owned at least 4 other types and the Hurley is the best by far. A friend said the single shot was as good as an Underwood. I have recommened them to 4 others as well and think they all were very happy. I play a gig once a moth at a venue that has a great soundman and he says its the best upright sound around. The price and service can,t be beat either, getcha one you won,t be sorry"
- Don Cox

"I bought my Hurley P/U's about 2 months ago. I had a new bridge cut for my '34 King Bass & installed the Hurleys. I took a big chance (filing the bridge to fit...)that they would sound good. They sound fantastic! They are loud w/o being boomy. No feedback even when I was in front of my amp. Now I need another Hurley for my 4/4! Thanks!"
- Kenny Love & The Rockerfellers

"Flipping' awesome p/u!! Way better than unamed name brand crap I had before!this is how I envisioned my bass sounding!! F the rest buy a Hurley!"
- Che Nemeth

"wow i'm just getting started playing db but this pickup sounds great to me just what i had hoped for. i play old country and have only ran it through my swr so far and it's got the thump with no feed back. can't wait to try it with ampeg 4 x10 and eden head ought to tighten up the lows. thanks again for a great product i will tell anyone who will listen."
- Brad Spake

"Just fitted the Hurley Virtuoso on my Slap King, and ran it thru a few comparison tests -- sounded very focused and tight like the Underwood but with more punch. Also, at least at moderate volume, I could not make it feedback."
- Hog Branch (DBC)

More reviews are coming soon!